This reminds me of that time Kim K went to the White House.

Social Revolt traveled to the United Nations Headquarters in NYC to attend the Media for Social Impact Summit, an exclusive event that unites representatives of leading media companies, advertising firms and creative agencies with high level United Nations representatives and communication experts to highlight the power of media to drive social change. I’m honored to have been included amongst the brightest minds in media and look forward to the global impact we will be able to create together.

I often hear people talk about their struggles with social media. The followers, the likes, the comments… become what they base their worth on. People ask me how I handle it, and I guess I’m lucky because I don’t base my worth on my Instagram. Don’t get me wrong, I do spend WAY too much time on there (Instagram IS life) but it’s because it’s fun for me. I love taking photos, creating content, and this is my platform and business.

While at the United Nations, we discussed using the power of media to drive social change and strategize campaigns around pressing global issues. We live in a world where technology is literally at our fingertips and we have access to the people, tools, and information that, if utilized properly, can further social progress and create global impact. Instagram is more than “let me post this pretty photo and see how many people like it”. It’s a platform where we can come together and share our ideas, speak our mind, promote a business, create an empire. When you use your content as a tool to promote something bigger than yourself, the result is much more rewarding than follows or likes.

Whats a message that you either already share or someday hope to share on your social media? Mine is empowering women by building positive body image. Post a selfie but not because you want to see how many likes you get – post it because it makes you feel empowered and beautiful and encourage others to celebrate their individual beauty as well.


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